BBF integrates a wide range of services that strengthens its value proposition in the field of training and research, formation and acceleration, and organisational innovation and transformation in enterprises. The activation and revitalisation of these services for students, business representatives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups turn BBF into a living, open, and unique ecosystem.

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Business acceleration program “Broadening people to boost business”
Formation and acceleration (full-time)

Organisation and personal-professional diagnosis; organisational fitness and business acceleration, focussing on the person, which seeks to achieve success in projects and sustainability at the economic, social and environmental levels while working in collaborative and cooperative environments.

Formation and acceleration (accommodation)

An opportunity for independent professionals from different fields to share the same workspace, where collaboration and networking is encouraged.

Executives in Residence
Growth (accommodation)

An opportunity to network with the most innovative projects in the city, with a more open and dynamic enterprise culture.
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Formation and acceleration (mentoring)

Methodologies of collective and horizontal thinking in the conceptualisation of products and services for setting up agile processes in start-ups.

take up
Take Up
Formation and acceleration (hybridisation)

A methodology that incorporates the university community in intrapreneurship processes to respond to a business challenge presented by a partner company.
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Erasmus young entrepreneur
Formation and acceleration (hybridisation)

An exchange program that provides novice entrepreneurs and people who wish to create a company with the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other participating countries.
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