An innovation process consulting firm

TZBZ are an innovation processes consulting firm founded in 2013, operating in the world of education and the business.

The fact that we became established during such a difficult time has helped us become stronger and work with the disruptive methodologies necessary for success in the 21st century.

As for education, we managed and design cross-learning ecosystems, apply team coaching, and play a key role in expanding the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation degree at both the national and international level.

As regards the business world, we boost organisational changes based on two main types of process: acceleration and design of new strategic services or lines, and the creation of an intrapreneur culture in organisations.

We define ourselves as a company that builds on the relationship with customers, as we create and materialise ideas while working together with them. We start from the idea that an organisation should create new knowledge on a continual basis, and doing it with the customers themselves is the first step to achieve this.

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The Makery: a space for prototyping products

The Makery is the space for creating, exploring and prototyping new products. It is where the makers of the 21st century are created.

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At BBF: 2nd Floor

Sector/Industry: Innovative Business Initiatives. Innovation Consulting