Secrets of Bilbao

Hi. I’m Miguel and I’m here to tell you about some of the “secrets” my region has to offer.

If you’re coming to Bilbao, I’m just the person you need. I’ll tell about the city’s “secrets ranging from gastronomy to architecture, but always through my local eyes.

If you’re on business, I’ll help you with problems such as temporary offices, presentation equipment, etc,… and, after work, I’ll show you some of my “secret places” where you can unwind and enjoy our world-famous food.

I can also show you the cities of San Sebastian, Haro (the “wine capital” of the La Rioja region), the Basque Country and La Rioja and tell you about our traditions, give you a few pointers about our world-famous gastronomy and bring you up-to-date with our wine culture too.


Sector/industry: Tourism

Discover it with Miguel