Learning and development

MOTION is a company formed by 16 young entrepreneurs pursuing the career of LEINN (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) of the University of Mondragón, with headquarters in the building BBF (Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria).

MOTION is divided internally into different departments with different aims / objectives, but, in turn, the same collective objective: learning and development both individually and collectively.

We work in different areas and sectors: public / private event organizations, leisure activities, product development, education, etc.

Here you have some information about some of our most developed projects.

  • FUNKOM is an e-sports project that is based on amateur and professional tournaments. So far we have made 7 events in Bilbao in collaboration with the city council and is currently expanding to other cities in northern Spain such as Vitoria, Santander, San Sebastián, Barakaldo and Algorta.
  • VIE is a combination of a product and an experience. In which a tree grows from the mixture of the soil and the ashes of the animal. We offer the opportunity to keep in touch with pets when they are gone, making a new life to grow. Creating a reliable and close experience that defends, protects and favors the environment, thanks to the quality of our materials.
  • BUBBLE BALLS is a free time activity that is practiced within air balls focused for groups organized as families, young people, farewells, and work teams, where they will have to make different games, although the purpose of all this dynamic is to be able to have a great time, exercise and develop team building.


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