Inithealth, health in your hands

The corporate purpose of Inithealth is the design, development and marketing of software and technological applications and solutions geared to the fields of health, well-being, and sport.

Solutions aimed at the insurance and financial sector, large corporations, sport entities and centres, and the healthcare sector.

We promote the development and use of innovative digital tools that allow more people to manage their health in a custom manner by adopting healthy habits.

We provide our clients knowledge and experience in: implementation and integration of our inithealth platform, telemonitoring, gamification techniques, customer loyalty, content generation, and integration with wearables.

Inithealth is part of Grupo init

Grupo init promotes innovative projects in the field of information technology and communication, healthcare, the marine environment, and entrepreneurship and innovation, through the activity of companies located at BBF, such as init Services, Inithealth, Bajoelagua Factory, and initland.

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At BBF: 2nd floor

Sector/Industry: Health and technology

 Towards a society committed to managing its health