Promoting and driving change in the paradigm of Education


IDEA Innovación y Educación stems from the concern of Madre de Dios Ikastetxea concerning promoting and driving change in the paradigm of education in our environment. After several years implementing innovative methodologies in the field of Early Learning, Multiple Intelligences and Experiential & Cooperative Learning, we take on the challenge to follow up the teaching community of Euskadi in this transition.

During this course, IDEA has given a course for 75 managers of KRISTAU ESKOLA centres, in addition to educational and training assistance to seven other centres. Along with this training platform, we at IDEA are exploring other contexts and products to be implemented by the innovation centres, particularly in the field of infrastructure and furniture.

IDEA are installed at BBF in this course. Given that we seek to reconcile this initiative with our teaching work, you can physically find us in the afternoons and on Friday mornings. Our space is permanently open for all community members who wish to use it or contact us so that we can support their IDEA.

IDEA Innovacion y Educacion

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At BBF: 1st Floor

Sector/Industry: Education

We want the educational world to meet the needs and challenges of the changing society of the 21st century

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