Cocouse, the store network of small businesses

Cocouse is a Social Innovation company based on the principles of ECG (Economy for the Common Good), which seeks to create a responsible socio-economic environment. is a social network and marketplace designed for small businesses. On this platform, merchants can host their online stores without any fixed expense associated. Cocouse allows a damaged sector to modernise and open itself to the market without any risks or learning requirements.

Working at BBF

Cocouse actively collaborates with other companies and is developing a number projects within the framework of BBF with other companies, such as InnovUp, Wimy, Control20 (currently in pilot phase)or Planea.

Cocouse BBF


At BBF: Ground floor

Sector/Industry: E-commerce and Small Business. Collaborative Marketing, Economy for the Common Good.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” (G. Orwell)
(G. Orwell)