Crusoe Treasure, innovation in the marine world

We are dedicated to promoting innovative projects in the marine environment, developed in conditions of environmental, economic, and social sustainability, as well as the promotion in society of the key role of the seas for life on our planet, leading to respect for them and their protection.

We seek to generate knowledge on the marine world in order to become aware of its importance and relevance for everyday life and learn to integrate it into our lives and production processes.

We operate in 3 main areas of action: Online and on-site promotion, marine research, and promotion of innovative projects. We are promoters of the first world’s underwater winery, where we produce exclusive premium wines and other beverages at the bottom of the sea.

Crusoe Treasure is part of Grupo init

Grupo init promotes innovative projects in the field of information technology and communication, healthcare, the marine environment, and entrepreneurship and innovation, through the activity of companies located at BBF, such as init Services, inithealth, Bajoelagua Factory, and initland.

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At BBF: 2nd floor

Sector/industry: Maritime industry

By knowledge of the sea